Character Interview: Elijah Figueroa

How do you like to spend your free time? I like watching my favorite show and sleeping when I can. I spend most of my time at work so I don't really have much free time.

What is your relationship with your immediate family members? Oh wow, that's a question. My mother is no longer alive and my father...Well, I assume he is also dead. I have my sister living with me since my mother's death. I'm my sister's legal guardian.

If you inherited a large sum of money, how would you approach handling it? I would probably save it for emergencies or in case Lily wants to go to college or something.

Who are you closest to in your life? My best friends (including my sister).

What is your most painful memory? Um...I-I can't choose.

What is your happiest memory? My happiest memory? I don't remember it. But that doesn't mean I don't have any, they're just the little things in life.

Describe your experience in an education system, if any. I'm a high school dropout.

What is your biggest fear and why are you so afraid of it? My biggest fear is not being there for the people I love. It's the worst thing I can think of.

To what extent do you believe in hate?

I believe hate is very real and common.

To what extent do you believe in love?

Love is also real but rare.

What is the number one personal rule you have for yourself?

Always be aware.

If you saw a picture of yourself, what is the first place you would look?

My eyes, probably. They remind me of my mother's.

How would you describe yourself?


How would others describe you?

Hard working.

What do you believe is your greatest weakness?

Being too suspicious of everyone and everything.

What do you believe is your greatest strength?

Hm, perseverance.

What makes you get out of bed everyday? 

I have to be there for my little sister, Lily.

What is the major challenge you face every single day?

Getting out of bed, heh.

If you could give a message to your younger self, what would it be?

Get used to death.

What is it that you want most?

To be a good brother and friend.

Source/Inspiration: Interview As Your Character

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