Character Interview: Vanessa Vo

How do you like to spend your free time? I like getting into a good book and spending time with friends.

What is your relationship with your immediate family members?

Not very good. I haven't spoken to my parents since I moved from home. If you inherited a large sum of money, how would you approach handling it? I would probably buy a whole bookstore.

Who are you closest to in your life? My friends.

What is your most painful memory? When I was kicked out by my parents.

What is your happiest memory?

My happiest memory is probably my childhood, it was just easier back then.

Describe your experience in an education system, if any. I graduated high school. I loved school. If things were different I would've probably went to college.

What is your biggest fear and why are you so afraid of it? My biggest fear is losing my friends. They're all I have.

To what extent do you believe in hate?

I believe hate can trump love, unfortunately.

To what extent do you believe in love?

Love is a luxury.

What is the number one personal rule you have for yourself?

Work hard and be kind.

If you saw a picture of yourself, what is the first place you would look?

My lips.

How would you describe yourself?

I'm independent and more of a leader than a follower.

How would others describe you?

I think others would describe me as caring. I care a lot. Maybe too much...

What do you believe is your greatest weakness?

I'm prone to people pleasing.

What do you believe is your greatest strength?

My strength is being able to adapt.

What makes you get out of bed everyday? 

My alarm clock.

What is the major challenge you face every single day?

Rude costumers at work.

If you could give a message to your younger self, what would it be?

Be true to yourself no matter what.

What is it that you want most?

To see my parents again. To feel accepted.

Source/Inspiration: Interview As Your Character

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