Title Reveal + A Sneak Peek Into My Novel

This has been four years in the making. Damn.

Feels like 84 years!

This was a thing before Hey Humanity was a thing.

It's a nerve wracking experience revealing this world...to the world. That's how I know it's time to share it with you.

Okay. Here goes nothing!

The Title Reveal

Death's Rattle

The Blurb

Elijah is no stranger to death, at least that’s what he thought.

It’s been two years since he moved from Sacramento to Roseville with his younger sister Lily.

When their mother died years before, Elijah became his younger sister’s legal guardian.

They moved closer to his job at Dean’s diner where he met Vanessa, his best friend and manager.

Regulars are what kept Dean’s going.

One of the most frequent customers being Dabria, a woman who was

the dictionary definition of an enigma.

Their reality is shaken when they see Dabria do things no human could naturally do.

Soon enough, they’re forced to realize that she is not human, and her being a regular had little to do with the delicious food.

The Introduction

Death's Rattle Music Playlist

Listen to the playlist of collected songs that inspired the novel!

Death's Rattle Pinterest Board

Take a look into the world I've created!

Thank you for your constant support. As always, stay awesome.

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