Biography and Work


Lidia Longorio (born Lidia Margarita Longorio Duarte) is an author and poet. A creative director, CEO and founder of her self-named brand Lidia Longorio Company holds her many creative & business endeavors.

At the center of it, is a person who enjoys being creative and connecting with people.

Lidia currently resides in Sacramento, California. Where she grew up after moving from her birthplace México (Tijuana, Baja California) in 2007. Born at the end of the millennium on September 14, 1999. She lived in México for six years and moved up north to the United States with her family Migue Angel Longorio Alcantar (Father), Esther Guadalupe Duarte Aguilar (Mother), and Claret Alejandra Legorreta Duarte (Older Sister).


As of now, Longorio is in her early twenties at twenty-three years old.

Right as she entered her twenties she published her first book. Her debut book Hey Humanity (September 27, 2019) was a success for a poetry debut book. She is at the beginning of her even younger career and has acquired dedicated fans from all walks of life.

By 2020, Longorio published her first novel titled, Death’s Rattle (August 15, 2020). A ten-chapter dark comedy. Lidia is writing her next books as her readers eagerly await. 

Lidia creates multiple forms of media. She is known for her complex realism and emotive imagery. You can see her work all over her social media and you can buy her art in her shop.  By observing the people around her, she's able to pick up on those moments that shouldn’t be missed. Lidia Longorio Company holds many creative multimedia and business endeavors of its founder. Such as literature, merchandise, photography, filmmaking, and more.