Frequently Asked Questions


When did you start writing?

My first writing memory is writing a poem for my mother as a child. From then on writing came in and out of my life; until I realized I was in love with writing, enough to make it my career.

What inspires you?

My biggest inspiration is humanity. You can inspire me by just existing.

Where can I buy your books?

Anywhere books are sold!

What are you working on right now?

I am more than half way through writing the second poetry book following Hey Humanity. As well as expanding my brand with other creative endeavors.

Who made the "Hey Humanity" cover?

Ariana Castro Instagram: @daisies_and_doughnuts

How do I become one of your beta readers?

Just apply!

Who made the "Death's Rattle" cover?

Ariana Castro Instagram: @daisies_and_doughnuts

Are you related to Eva Longoria?

I get that a lot. Although we're both Latinas and have a nearly identical last name, we're not related, as far as I know. Our last names are extremely similar until you get to the last letter; mine ends with an o.